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What Is The Average Cost Of Rubbish Removal In Herefordshire?

Skip Hire Herefordshire are a professional rubbish removal company based in Herefordshire, West Midlands, England. Our team of experts provides a comprehensive waste removal service for residential, commercial and industrial properties in Herefordshire and the surrounding areas. We understand that disposing of waste and rubbish can be a time-consuming and stressful task, which is why we offer an affordable and reliable service, leaving you with a clean and clutter-free space.

Why Is Rubbish Removal Important?

Rubbish and waste items have a negative impact on the environment, and if not disposed of correctly, can cause pollution and harm to wildlife. Additionally, leaving rubbish piled up can attract pests and vermin, leading to health hazards and discomfort. It is important for the well-being of our community and our planet to ensure that we dispose of waste and rubbish responsibly.

What Is Rubbish Removal?

Rubbish removal, waste removal, and clearance services refer to the process of collecting and disposing of unwanted items, waste and rubbish from properties. This includes anything from furniture, electronic equipment, garden waste, to construction debris.

Types of Rubbish Removal Services

At Skip Hire Herefordshire, we offer a variety of rubbish removal services to suit your needs. Our services include:

Residential Rubbish Removal

Our team of clearance crews will visit your home at your convenience and collect any unwanted items and rubbish. We can help clear out items that might be too heavy, bulky or awkward to manage.

Commercial Rubbish Removal

We offer rubbish removal services for all types of commercial properties, including offices, shops, warehouses, and factories. We can clear out anything from furniture, electrical equipment, supplies to general waste.

Construction Rubbish Removal

Our team can help clear your construction site of debris, rubble and other waste products. We have the necessary equipment and vehicles to transport and dispose of large amounts of waste materials.

Garden Waste Removal

Skip Hire Herefordshire provides garden waste removal services for those in need of clearing out their yard or garden. Our team will collect any garden waste materials, including plants, hedging, leaves and other debris.

Rubbish Removal Costs

The cost of rubbish removal varies depending on a number of factors, such as the amount of rubbish, type of services required and the location of your property. Some companies may charge additional fees for larger items, hazardous waste or same-day services. Prices quoted by rubbish removal companies can be competitive, so it is important to compare prices between providers to get the best value for your money.

Herefordshire Rubbish Removal Average Costs

The average cost of rubbish removal in Herefordshire can be in the range of 99 815. The exact cost depends on the amount and type of rubbish, the services required and the location of the property. The table below provides an estimated cost for some common types of rubbish removal.

| Type Of Rubbish Removal | Average Cost | | --- | --- | | Single Item (e.g. a sofa, a fridge) | 99 - 150 | | Garden Waste Removal | 120 - 300 | | House Clearance | 250 - 815 |

The above figures are only an estimate and may differ based on the specifics of your rubbish removal requirements. For an accurate pricing estimate, it is best to get in touch with a reputable rubbish removal company like Skip Hire Herefordshire.

Rubbish Removal Companies

There are several rubbish removal companies operating in Herefordshire. It is important to choose a reputable and reliable company to ensure that waste is safely and responsibly disposed of. When choosing a rubbish removal company, consider the following factors:


Check online reviews and ratings of the company to ensure that previous customers have had positive experiences. A good rubbish removal company should have satisfied customers willing to leave positive reviews.


Compare the costs of the services offered by different companies to find those that suit your budget. Remember that the cheapest may not always be the best value for money, and you should always take into account the quality of the services provided by a company.


Ensure that the company employs trained and experienced clearance crews to collect and dispose of your rubbish. Additionally, a professional company should be licensed and insured to carry out waste removal services.


Rubbish removal is an essential service that ensures that our environment remains free from waste and pollution. At Skip Hire Herefordshire, we are committed to providing an affordable and reliable rubbish removal service for our community in Herefordshire and the surrounding areas. Our trained and experienced clearance crews will ensure that your waste and rubbish is collected safely and disposed of responsibly. Get in touch with us today on 01432 483028, or email us at [email protected] to learn more about our rubbish removal services or to get an accurate pricing estimate for your waste removal needs.

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